Hershberger Lab


Welcome, Tyler!

Tyler Williams joins the lab as a Research Specialist Tyler received his B.S. in Biology from Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina. Most recently, Tyler was an Agricultural Research Assistant with the USDA and Clemson at the Pee Dee REC. Over the past year, he has gained experience in fieldwork, lab-based, and plant breeding activities. Tyler hit the ground running in the middle of field season and is quickly learning the ropes. We’re glad to have him on board!

Butter beans!

It’s official - we have decided on our first crop! The Hershberger lab has started efforts towards building a butter bean (Phaseolus lunatus) breeding program. Butter beans, for those of you not from the Southern US, are also known as Lima beans. While Lima beans have become a trope elsewhere, for many South Carolinians these beans evoke more positive memories: shelling beans with Grandma on the front porch, summer family meals, and plenty of bacon fat. What do butter beans bring to mind for...

Mobile spectrometer considerations

Context Maybe you’ve read about mobile spectrometers in the latest issue of your favorite journal, or maybe the lab down the hall can’t stop talking about them at the department coffee hour. Regardless of how you first heard about them, mobile near-infrared spectrometers can seem too good to be true. Can you really predict the quality of your grain, fruit, or root non-destructively and without investing in a benchtop spectrometer that costs more than a brand new car? The answer is, of cours...


Welcome! The Hershberger lab will open its doors on May 1, 2022.