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The Hershberger lab joins SweetCAP

The Sweet Corn Coordinated Agriculture Project (SweetCAP), is a USDA NIFA-funded, multi-institution and multi-disciplinary effort to support sweet corn improvement across the US. Earlier this year, a second iteration of SweetCAP was selected for funding through the Specialty Crop Research Initiative. Throughout the project, the Hershberger lab will work closely with Dr. Marcio Resende and his University of Florida sweet corn breeding program to develop and test genomic and phenomic resources and tools for use by the wider sweet corn community.

This week, the SweetCAP team met in person at the International Sweet Corn Development Association annual meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida, to share research updates, tour a field site and packaging facility, and hear from stakeholders.

We will soon be recruiting a postdoc for this project, so please reach out if you are interested in joining the team!

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